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AE American Breed LO Lowline
AF Africander LR Lincoln Red
AK Akina LU Luing
AM Amerifax MA Maine-Anjou
AN Angus ME Maremmana
AR Red Angus MG Murray Grey
AW Ankole-Watsui MI Muese-Rhine-Issel
BA Barzona ML Mandalong Special
BB Belgium Blue MR Marchigiana
BD Blonde d'Aquitine MU Murrah
BE Beefalo NE Nellore
BF Beef Friesian NM Normande
BG Belted Galloway NR Norwegian Red
BH Brahmantal PA Parthenaise
BI Bramousin PI Piedmontese
BL Braler PZ Pinzgauer
BM Beefmaster RA Ranger
BN Brangus RB Red Brangus
BO Braford RCA Red Chiangus
BQ Buelingo RD Red Dane
BR Brahman RN Romagnola
Brahms Brahmasein RO Rotbunte
BV Braunvieh RP Red Poll
BW British White RR Red Brahman
CA Chianina RW Danish Red & White
CB Charbray SA Salers
CF Chiford SB Brown Swiss (Beef)
CG Chiangus SG Santa Gertrudis
CH Charolais SH Highland (Scotch)
CM Chimaine SI Simbrah
CN Canadienne SM Simmental
DE Devon SN Senepol
DL Dutch Belted SNG Senepol-Angus
DR Dexter SNH Senepol-Hereford
DS South Devon SNL Senepol-Limousin
ER Eringer SP Shorthorn (Polled)
F1 First Cross SS Shorthorn (Beef Scotch)
FA Flamand SX Sussex
FR Fribourg TA Tarentaise
GA Galloway TB Tabapua
GE Gelbray TL Texas Longhorn
GR Gronninger TU Tulli
GV Gelbveih WB Welsh Black
GY Gyr (Gir) WF West Flemish Red
GZ Guzerat WP White Park
HC Hays Converter
HH Hereford (horned)
HP Hereford (polled)
HY Hybrid (Alberta)
IB Indu Brazil
IS Shorthorn (Illwara)
KB Kobe (Wagyu)
LM Limousin

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Kilgore College Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Department
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