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Contained herein is a partial, but representative list of over 100 careers available through Agriculture, perhaps the world's most dynamic and diversified industry. All  of these can be achieved after transferring from two years in the Kilgore College Agriculture Program. Listed to the right of each career opportunity are senior college majors which will help the student achieve that career -- depending, of course, on attitude, determination, cooperative spirit, willingness to take specified risks, and grade point average (GPA). Some careers, obviously, require advanced degrees and testing.  But these, and many more, can be attained through Kilgore College Agriculture.

Aerial crop chemical applicatorEntomology, Agronomy

Aquatic facility managementAquaculture, Fisheries Ecology

Animal geneticistGenetics, Animal Science, Poultry Science

Animal nutritionistNutrition Science, Food Science & Technology, Animal Science
Audio-Visual livestock marketingAgricultural Communications, Agribusiness, Ag Economics


Baby food production -- Nutrition Science, Food Science & Technology, Ag Systems

Bakery plant managementFood Science & Technology, Nutrition Science, Agribusiness, Ag Economics
Banking/financeAgribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Communications, Ag Leadership
Book manufacturing -- Forest Science, Ag Systems, Agribusiness

Botanical garden managementHorticulture, Environmental Studies, Agricultural Engineering
Breed Association ExecutiveAnimal Science, Ag Communications, Agribusiness, Ag Leadership
Broiler processing managementPoultry Science, Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Systems Management
Brush control consultantRangeland Ecology, Environmental Studies, Ag Engineering
Business comptroller/controllerAgribusiness, Ag Economics




Certified public accountant – Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Cheese production – Dairy Science, Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Systems Management

Citrus production – Horticulture, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Clothes manufacturing – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Agronomy, Ag Systems Management

Commodity broker/trader – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Communications

Cosmetic chemical manufacturing -- Biochemistry, Ag Systems, Biological Systems Engineering

Cotton/grain cooperative manager – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Agronomy, Ag Communications

Cotton/grain producer – Agronomy, Ag Engineering, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Cotton mill operations manager – Ag Systems, Ag Engineering, Agribusiness, Agronomy

Credit analyst – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Leadership

Crop chemical consultant – Entomology, Agribusiness, Soil Science




Dairy food processing – Dairy Science, Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Systems

Dentistry – Animal Science, Biochemistry, Genetics

Diaper manufacturing -- Ag Systems, Bioenvironmental Science, Ag Engineering, Agribusiness

Dietitian – Nutritional Science, Food Science & Technology, Biochemistry

Distilled products operation -- Ag Systems, Ag Engineering, Agribusiness, Agronomy



EconomistAgribusiness, Ag Economics

Egg production managementPoultry Science, Agribusiness, Ag Systems

Electronic media news broadcasterAg Communications

Energy regulation -- Environmental Science, Ag Leadership, Agribusiness

Environmental consultingBioenvironmental Science, Biological Engineering, Rangeland Ecology

Environmental lawBioenvironmental Sciences, Biological Engineering, Ag Leadership

Estate plannerAgribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Communications

Ethanol researchAgronomy, Ag Engineering, Ag Systems, Biochemistry, Environmental Studies

Export coordinatorAgribusiness, Animal Science, Ag Leadership, Ag Communications

Extension specialistrelates to the subject matter specialty 



Fabric milling -- Agronomy, Ag Systems, Ag Engineering, Bioenvironmental Sciences

Farm power engineeringAg Engineering, Ag Systems

Farm publication management/writerAg Communications

Feedlot managementAnimal Science, Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Systems

Feed mill operatorAg Systems, Ag Engineering, Ag Economics, Agribusiness

Flower marketingFloriculture, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Food inspectorFood Science and Technology, Nutritional Sciences, Environmental Studies

Food transportation coordinatorAg Communications, Ag Leadership, Ag Engineering

Forensic pathologistForensic Science, Entomology

Furniture manufacturingForest Science, Ag Systems, Agribusiness, Ag Leadership



Global position system operatorSpatial Science, Ag Systems, Ag Engineering

Golf course managementAgronomy, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Goosedown production -- Poultry Science, Ag Systems, Agribusiness

Grain buyerAgronomy, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Greenhouse managementHorticulture, Agronomy, Ag Systems, Ag Engineering



High School/College EducatorAgricultural Science, Agriculture and Life Sciences

Horse breeding managementEquine Science, Genetics

Hotel/motel managementRecreation Park Tourism Science

Hunting guideWildlife Science, Rangeland Ecology

Hydrology (water) engineerAg Engineering, Ag Systems



Insurance sales/executiveAg Leadership, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Insurance/USDA statistical analystAgribusiness, Ag Economics

International marketing developmentAgribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Communications

Irrigation management Ag Engineering, Ag Systems, Agronomy, Soil Science




Land/equipment appraiser – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Communications, Ag Leadership

Landman (oil/gas/heritage) – Rangeland Ecology, Ag Leadership, Environmental Studies, Ag Communications

Landscaping – Horticulture, Agronomy, Ag Engineering, Soil Science, Bioenvironmental Science

Law – Ag Leadership, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Leather goods manufacturing -- Animal Science, Ag Systems, Ag Engineering, Agribusiness

Legislative/Congressional staff aide – any agriculture major

Livestock/real estate auctioneer – Animal Science, Ag Economics, Ag Communications 



Magazine/Newspaper management/writer – Ag Communications, Agribusiness

Meat grader/inspector – Animal Science, Ag Systems, Ag Engineering

Medical doctor – Biomedical Science, Biochemistry, Genetics

Meteorology – Environmental Studies, Bioenvironmental Sciences

Micro-brewery management – Agribusiness, Ag Systems, Ag Economics

Milk production systems – Dairy Science, Food Science & Technology, Nutritional Science

Museum curator – Recreation Park Tourism Science, Ag Leadership




Newspaper print production – Forest Science, Ag Systems, Agribusiness, Ag Communications

Nursery management – Horticulture, Floriculture, Agribusiness




Optometry – Animal Science, Biochemistry, Genetics

OSHA inspector/educator – Environmental Studies, Biological Systems Engineering, Ag Systems




Paper recycling -- Forest Science, Agribusiness, Biochemistry, Environmental Studies

Park tourism – Recreation Park Tourism Science, Wildlife Science, Rangeland Ecology

Pet food manufacturing -- Nutrition Science, Biochemistry, Food Science & Technology, Ag Systems

Poultry broiler operator – Poultry Science, Ag Systems, Agribusiness

Pharmaceutical manufacturing -- Biochemistry, Nutritional Sciences, Ag Systems, Agronomy

Pharmaceutical sales/management – Biomedical Science, Agribusiness, Biochemistry, Ag Economics

Pharmacist – Animal Science, Biochemistry, Biological Systems Engineering

Piano manufacturing -- Ag Systems, Ag Engineering, Forest Science

Private foundation management – Agribusiness, Ag Communications, Ag Leadership, Ag Economics

Public health administration – Entomology, Biochemistry, Bioenvironmental Science, Ag Leadership

Public recreation – Recreation Park Tourism Science, Wildlife Science

Public relations/advertising – Ag Communications, Ag Leadership

Public utility management – Ag Leadership, Ag Communications,  Agribusiness




Racetrack operations management – Equine Science, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Ranch management – Animal Science, Range Management, Agribusiness, Ag Economics

Restaurant management – Nutritional Science, Food Science & Technology, Agribusiness

Retail business management – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Leadership

Rural real estate development – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Leadership




Soil analyst – Soil Science, Agronomy

Sports equipment manufacturing -- Ag Systems, Biochemistry, Animal Science, Forest Science

Sports equipment marketing -- Agribusiness, Ag Communications, Ag Leadership

Stock broker – Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Leadership, Ag Communications




Textile manufacturing -- Ag systems, Animal Science, Agribusiness, Ag Engineering

Trade Association Management – Ag Leadership, Ag Communications, Animal Science

Trade marketing coordinator –  Agribusiness, Ag Economics, Ag Leadership, Ag Communications


U.S. Currency manufacturing - Ag Systems, Agribusiness, Ag Engineering, Forest Science



Vegetable production – Horticulture, Agribusiness

Veterinarian – Animal Science, Poultry Science, Biochemistry, Genetics

Vineyard operator – Horticulture, Agribusiness




Waste management – Bioenvironmental Science, Biological Systems Eng., Ag Engineering

Wildlife/fisheries biologist – Wildlife Fisheries Science, Biological Systems Engineering, Biochemistry

Wool products manufacturing -- Animal Science, Ag Systems, Agribusiness








Zoo administration – Urban Wildlife, Wildlife Ecology & Management, Vertebrate Zoology


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