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Available A.A.S. Curricula
(See 2006-07 Catalog)

AGRI 1307.  Agronomy  (3-2-2)
Introduction of farm crops and forage production, including crop classification, land preparation, tillage, fertilization, and management.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in the Spring semester of even years.)

AGRI 1311.  Dairy Science  (3-2-2)
Study of breeds, selection and culling, processing of milk and milk products, composition of milk, and herd/dairy management.  Laboratory fee $25.   (Taught in the Spring semester of odd years.)

AGRI 1327.  Poultry Production  (3-2-2)
A general course which includes breeds, reproduction, anatomy and physiology, brooding and incubation, selection and culling, nutrition, and flock management.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in the Fall semester of odd years.)

AGRI 1371.  Basic Landscape Design  (3-2-2)
Basic concepts and principles, site considerations, structures, plant materials, and graphic presentation techniques are studied.  Laboratory fee $25.

AGRI 1415.  General Horticulture  (4-3-2)
The study of fundamental growth and fruiting habits, propagation principles and practices, plant cultures, harvesting, handling and utilization of fruit and vegetable crops, and greenhouse management.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in the Spring semester of odd years.)

AGRI 2201.  Agricultural Industry  (2-2-0)
An overview of American and world agriculture, exploring resources and conservation, careers, technological advancements, and marketing and distribution.  (Taught in the Fall semester of odd years.)

AGRI 2301.  Agriculture Tractors and Power Units  (3-2-2)
A study of the internal combustion engine.  Includes principles of operation, maintenance machinery design and repair, as well as proper operation and adjustment of machinery.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in Fall semesters.)

AGRI 2303.  Agricultural Farm Shop  (3-2-2)
A general course in basic shop skills and safety, proper tool usage and maintenance, welding, structure design and construction, and equipment repair.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in Fall semesters.)

AGRI 2313.  Plant Protection  (3-2-2)
(Formerly Entomology)
  Course includes insect anatomy and physiology, pest management, plant pathology, environmental protection, and economic considerations.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in the Spring semesters of even years.)

AGRI 2317.  Agricultural Economics  (3-3-0)
Introduces students to the principles and fundamentals of the economic system, organization and management of the farm/ranch and ag-related firms, marketing, finance, and governmental policies.  (Taught in the Fall semester in even years.)

AGRI 2321.  General Animal Production  (3-2-2)
Scientific animal production and management.  Includes selection and evaluation, reproduction, anatomy, nutrition, and marketing of cattle, horses, sheep, swine, and goats.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in Spring semesters.)

AGRI 2330.  Wildlife Conservation and Management  (3-2-2)
Study of wildlife resources.  Includes identification, populations, habitat and animal management techniques, census methods, principles of ecology, and economic and environmental consideration.  Laboratory fee $25.  (Taught in the Fall semester in even years.)

AGRI 2371.  Plant Propagation  (3-2-2)
Principles and practices of plant reproduction.  Includes plant structure and growth, and methods of propagating with seeds, cuttings, layerings, grafts, buds, bulbs, and other specialized plant structures.  Growing media and growing structures are also emphasized.  Laboratory fee $25.

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