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Food, clothing, and shelter have been the basic necessities of mankind since the beginning of time.  The very foundation of our existence has been our ability to produce reliable supplies of nutritious foodstuffs.  Entire societies and civilizations have vanished or disappeared from their inability to grow adequate food.

As time elapsed, man learned better, more efficient ways of growing food.  First the wheel, then the plow, and later the combustion engine took the farmer from just scratching out a meager existence to becoming a scientific marvel of modern production.  Of course, resistant varieties and adaptable seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, equipment, technology, research, and advanced education all had their part in this progressive growth over time.

Today, America boasts the world's most reliable source of food and fiber, complete with health and consistency safeguards.  Training our students better for the undergraduate and graduate fields of agriculture helps insure that the production, marketing, distribution, and proper use of these products sustain a safe, bountiful food supply.

However, other parts of the world are not so blessed.  Many underdeveloped countries are unable to feed or clothe their rapidly growing population, making it incumbent upon American production and technical expertise to pledge their efforts to help feed a hungry world.

Perhaps at no other time in world history, has there been such a challenge for students of agriculture to step forward and meet the combined challenges of preserving our own food supply while extending every effort to eliminate world hunger.  Computerization, cloning, and biotechnology have elevated the playing field to previously unrealized heights.  At no time in history has there been such a magnificent opportunity for the inspired student to excel in the food and fiber process.

The Agricultural and Environmental Science Department at Kilgore College takes these challenges and opportunities seriously.  We believe strongly that it is our responsibility to train students to fulfill their obligations as devoted agriculturists.  It is indeed an exciting era for students on our campus pursuing studies relevant to the food and fiber industry.

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