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Kilgore College Agricultural and Environmental Science CenterThe 448-acre Kilgore College Agricultural and Environmental Science Center, located two miles northeast of Overton on State Highway 135, houses all lecture and laboratory classes which usually meet one afternoon per week per course.

Only nine miles from the campus, the College Farm is home to a purebred Angus herd which will be foundation seed stock for animals exhibited by the KC Show Team, which began competition during the Fall of 2001.  The College maintains a commercial herd of crossbred cattle for use in a newly created embryo transfer program as a training aid for animal science students and to enhance the genetic makeup of the current and future stock.

Although Suffolk sheep and Boer goats are more naturally acclimated to the Texas Hill Country, Kilgore College defied tradition to bring these species to East Texas so they could be studied by students in animal science classes.

KC's Bull Evaluation Center is the only such facility in East Texas for measuring feed efficiency and several other genetic traits in bulls.  Started in 1973, the facility can accommodate 100 bulls for two feeding trials each year.

Yorkshire hogs are also maintained on the farm for the benefit and study of animal science students.

A state-of-the-art greenhouse is available for horticultural students to grow various types of plants throughout the year.  Landscaping and bedding plants have become a substantial component of the East Texas economy, and growing more important each year.

Mr. Young out standing in his milletAlfalfa, pearl millet, and hybrid sorghum/sudangrass have been added to the Farm's repertoire of pasture grasses for experimental and practical use asMr. Points in a field of alfalfa animal grazing, hay production, and detailed classroom research study.  Not traditionally grown in East Texas, these agronomic crops are produced in other areas of the country with more favorable climates.  Through the assistance of the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, these crops are now available for closer study by Kilgore College agricultural students and the observation by East Texas area farmers.

If you live in the immediate area, click on link in the directory at left for directions for the farm.  For further distance directions to the KC Farm, click on link below.  The Farm's physical address is:  2211 Hwy. 135 East, Overton, TX  75684.

Since its beginning in 1963, the Kilgore College Farm has maintained an environment for its students to study and nurture their academic passions in the wide range of fields in agriculture.

Kilgore College is indeed fortunate to have dedicated group of agriculturists who volunteer their time to serve on the Advisory Committee for the Agricultural and Environmental Science Department.

These persons represent various professions related to agriculture, sharing their wisdom and expertise in the direction of this program.  Along with KC administrators, the future path of agriculture at Kilgore College is enhanced with their participation and leadership.

Mr. Pat McCrory
New Generation Farms
Wholesale Horticultural Marketer
Overton, Texas

Mr. Wayne Lacy
County Extension Agent, Retired
First KC Agriculture Instructor
Arp, Texas

Dr. Monte Rouquette, Jr.
Forage Physiologist
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Overton, Texas

Dr. Lloyd Nelson
Small Grain Researcher
Texas Agricultural Experiment Station
Overton, Texas

Mr. Sonny Spradlin
Livestock Producer
Kilgore, Texas

Mr. Charles Taylor
Kilgore High School Agricultural Science Teacher
Kilgore, Texas

Rob Thoni, DVM
Kilgore Veterinary Associates
Kilgore, Texas

Dr. Bill Holda
Kilgore College

Dr. Gerald Stanglin
Vice President of Instruction
Kilgore College

Ms. Louise Wiley
Dean for Math, Sciences, Health Division
Kilgore College

Ralph Ward Jr.
Bruce McMillan Jr. Foundation
Overton, Texas
Livestock Producer
Longview, Texas

Kilgore College Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Department
Bob Young, Ag Instructor and Farm Manager
Overton, TX  75684-2625
(903) 834-6255
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